6 Best Headway Alternatives & Competitors

6 Best Headway Alternatives & Competitors

A changelog is a log or record of changes made to a project. It usually includes notable changes like bug fixes, new features, etc.

If you are looking for an affordable and user-friendly Headway alternative, look no further because we've compiled a list of comparable tools to Headway. We recommend these six excellent product changelog tools to publish product updates and announcements and generate awareness.

6 Best Headway Alternatives & Competitors

  1. Rapidr
  2. Notion
  3. GitHub
  4. Beamer
  5. AnnounceKit
  6. ReleaseNotes

But first, let's first take a look at Headway's features and capabilities so we can compare different alternatives in this list.

What is Headway?

Headway is one of the simplest product changelog tools available in the market. Headway offers a changelog-as-a-service and a public page to keep the customers informed. It provides all the basic features, including widgets, tags, custom domains, etc.

What is Headway Used For?

Headway is used for publishing release notes and product changelog.

How much does Headway cost?

It starts with a free plan and a $29/month plan

Features of Headway

  • However, they are not releasing new features, such as allowing users to interact with the saas changelog or subscribe to updates.
  • It’s just a changelog, so if you want a user feedback board, integration, and product roadmap, too, you’d have to look elsewhere.
  • Headway also doesn't provide custom branding or control over the updates page look.
  • In addition, it doesn't support any advanced features such as user segmentation or customer feedback management compared to Rapidr, a dedicated user feedback tool with a product roadmap and changelog

Top Headway Alternatives & Competitors

1. Rapidr

Rapidr is a changelog tool that helps announce your latest product updates with a dedicated product changelog that notifies customers and teammates via an in-app changelog widget, email & more.

It also helps product teams understand what customers need by tracking feature requests and ideas, analyzing & prioritizing what to build next, creating a roadmap backed by customer insights, and communicating new features with changelog.

Rapidr helps you capture product ideas, requests, and feedback from colleagues and customers with their customer feedback portal and in-app widget.

Rapidr Pricing: Starting from $49/month.

Rapidr's Changelog tool provides all the essential features to publish a changelog:

  • A Rich-text editor with markdown support, attachments, and more
  • Embed widgets inside a website or platform;
  • Installs a “What’s new” widget within your product;
  • Create custom categories and color code them for your product
  • No code required - install in 3 minutes or less
  • Notifications via multiple channels and effortless sharing with teammates and users
  • Close the feedback loop with customer feedback boards as well as public roadmaps

Rapidr's not only a changelog tool; it is an end-to-end feedback solution, which means you don't have to glue together multiple apps yourself. You get feedback collection, roadmapping, and release notes software with it.

Interested? Start your free trial now.

2. Notion

Notion is an all-in-one workspace that combines notes, docs, and project management and can be easily used for release notes. Many startups use it to collaborate, stay informed, and publish release notes.

Notion Pricing: Starts with a free plan

It also provides an extensive template library that includes release note templates to help speed up the process of creating and publishing your changelog.

Looking for a product changelog tool? Check out Rapidr.io. We offer a complete customer feedback solution with it. Sign up now.

3. GitHub

GitHub changelog helps millions of developers to host the changelog of a project and share it with internal dev teams. GitHub changelog helps share a chronologically ordered list of the changes you've made to your project on GitHub. It’s organized by the version with the date followed by a list of added, improved, and removed features.

Github: Changelog Tool #2

GitHub Pricing: Free for basic plans

GitHub changelog requires manual work to make it look pleasing and write it so that it is easy to understand for all stakeholders. It is usually stored in a text file, contains no images, and feels tedious and confusing for stakeholders other than developers. It is distributed with the project's source code and is updated with every new release.

It is typically placed in the project's root directory and named "CHANGELOG.md," a file in the GitHub repository. This file aims to inform contributors of the latest updates on the project and focuses more on developers than the general public. Learn more about github changelog here.

4. Beamer

Beamer helps improve user engagement with an easy-to-use newsfeed and changelog. It helps to announce relevant news, the latest features, and updates. In addition, it allows customers to communicate with users, keeping them engaged.

Beamer Pricing: Starts with a free plan,

Beamer provides a free plan but with limited functionality.  It allows the creation of a standalone changelog page and enables you to update users with a changelog notification widget in your app. But their free plan is only available to businesses with fewer than 1000 users/visitors with limited formatting options. This is only a good fit for small startups, side projects, or brand-new apps.

5. AnnounceKit

AnnounceKit is a changelog service with fancy in-product widgets you can use on your website. AnnounceKit helps you fill the communication gap with in-app notifications, email notifications, and feedback collection. Reviews suggest that it is simple to set up and easy to plug into an existing website or tool.

AnnounceKit Pricing: Starts from $49/month,

It is a product communication tool, but it cannot send changelog updates by email, and scheduling changelog posts is hard in the app. They support user feedback, but it’s built into the changelog – so users can only give feedback on changelog updates.

Looking for a product changelog tool? Check out Rapidr.io. We offer a complete customer feedback solution with it. Sign up now.

6. ReleaseNotes

ReleaseNotes helps you easily manage, publish, and announce your release notes to your user base. It doesn't offer many features, just a basic changelog tool ideal for companies that have developers as customers.

ReleaseNotes Pricing: Pricing is dynamic and starts at $14/month.

ReleaseNotes provides widgets to give users a quick overview of what has changed in your product but it does not come with reactions. However, ReleaseNotes doesn’t have features to close the feedback loop, such as consolidating all user feedback and analyzing it and product roadmap management and publication, which you get in the basic plan in Rapidr.

Rapidr: Best Headway Alternative to Publish Changelog

We have covered all the top headway alternatives but couldn't recommend a better changelog tool than Rapidr. It offers unique and powerful features to publish a changelog, collect customer feedback, and plan a roadmap at a more affordable price, preferred by top SaaS companies.

Keep customers excited and informed about your product and reduce the pressure on your support and customer success teams by publishing a changelog. Rapidr can help manage the weary chore of publishing changelogs, distributing them with in-app widgets, and managing customer feedback to complete the customer loop.

Announce your latest product updates, features, improvements, or general announcements. See why Rapidr is the release notes tool of choice among SaaS companies. Sign up for your free trial now.

6 Best Headway Alternatives & Competitors
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