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Rapidr, a customer feedback management solution that helps product managers collect feedback, plan product roadmap, and ship better products all in one centralized place, compared to Trello.

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What’s the difference between Rapidr and Trello?


Master of none

At its core, it’s a Kanban Board built to keep track of todos and other simple project management tasks. However, when you try to do something remotely advanced, you’ll be held back by its generic user interface and lack of extensibility.

Dedicated feedback management solution

Rapidr is built intentionally to help you manage your feedback lifecycle better. From capturing feedback in the Portal to updating feedback status via Roadmap to closing the feedback loop via Changelog. Everything works in tandem like you’d expect from a feedback-first tool.


Trello user account is required

Trello forces your users to create an account to vote and comment. They can't even post feedback. And with the recent change, they've migrated all user accounts to Atlassian. With Trello, be ready to deal with a lot of bureaucracy.

User single sign-on

Rapidr is a batteries-included solution –– you'd not have to worry about user accounts, authentication, etc. But for advanced use-cases, you can bring your authentication system, so you know precisely who is contributing feedback.


Forget about closing the feedback loop

After making any changes to feedback, any updates go unnoticed, resulting in a wretched feedback loop where users don’t know if their feedback is being worked on.

Keep everyone in loop

Rapidr updates the users every step of the way. For example, moving the task to "In Progress" or commenting on the feedback to clarify, we'll notify the author on your behalf. Thus, everyone involved is kept in a loop.


Basic support

Fill in the support form and get in the waiting queue for your turn. Only basic support is available for non-enterprise plans.

Delightful support

We’re a customer-delight-first company and take immense pride in our excellent support. So whichever plan you choose, we’ll make it a priority to help you out.


Project management first

Mainly used as a project management tool, rarely used for managing feedback.

Feedback management first

Rapidr is a feedback management tool built for all types of customer feedback, including idea management, feature request tracking, etc. It comes with everything you’d need to manage the feedback lifecycle.


Why Rapidr offers more value for the price?

Yes, Trello is free to start with, but once you start using advanced features like integrating with other services or using power-ups, the per-seat pricing won’t scale with the value you’re deriving.

Moreover, Trello doesn’t (and won’t) provide features like custom domain, vote on behalf, confidential comments, branded feedback boards, email notifications, workflow statuses, etc.


Rapidr is an affordable, cost-effective tool, with transparent pricing plans starting from just $49/mo. Similar to Trello, Rapidr offers everything and more. Rapidr is a feedback lifecycle management tool, and all the features built into it intend to help you understand your customers better.

See what our customers are saying...

Rapidr lets us democratize the prioritization process of feature requests in a transparent and easy-to-understand manner. Huge win! Every week, product owners get together and sort the list by number of votes, and deals with the top requests. Rapidr kind of prioritizes our inbox, and lets us communicate our decisions transparently.

Helge Valvik
Helge Valvik
Product Owner, Amedia

Best part of using Rapidr is that it involves our customers so they read/vote on ideas and comment which really brings a ton of value towards knowing what needs to be built next.

Andrew Fiebert
CEO, Lasso

Rapidr is like how I think user feedback should work. It's sooo good.

AJ Keller
AJ Keller
Co-founder, Neurosity

Rapidr is everything we need to prioritize our product roadmap based on feedback from users. Cherry on top is the ability to see what's in development and what's shipped.

Daniel Wolken
Co-founder, DailyRemote

Feedback management software for product teams

Why Rapidr is the best Trello alternative? Manage the entire feedback lifecycle –– Product Ideation, Feature Prioritization, Public Roadmap, Product Strategy, Releases –– in one place. Better visibility and management of feedback for your users and teammates.

Capture feedback with Rapidr

Remove guesswork from product management with feedback

Collaborate and collect product feedback in one place—no more feedback distributed across multiple channels. Turn your customers into product contributors and listen to them to understand their needs. Seamlessly integrate a customer portal into your application.

Capture feedback with Rapidr

Remove guesswork from product management with feedback

Collaborate and collect product feedback in one place—no more feedback distributed across multiple channels. Turn your customers into product contributors and listen to them to understand their needs. Seamlessly integrate a customer portal into your application.


Everything you need to take better product decisions

Admin Badges

Admin Badge helps you visually distinguish an Admin team member from a user. On the other hand, Trello doesn’t provide any similar visual affordances, so a user and an admin look alike.

Votes & Comments

Vote on ideas and engage with users using comments. Prioritize effectively by quickly identifying popular feedback. Unfortunately, with Trello, you can't rank feedback by votes.

Custom Status

Create different statuses when tracking different types of feedback for each board, for example, “Resolved” when tracking bug reports.

Single Sign-On

Seamlessly authenticate and identify your customers and know precisely who contributes to your feedback board.


Invite unlimited product managers and teammates to contribute, manage, and prioritize feedback & product ideas.

Customize Portal

Customize your customer portal to keep your design consistent with your brand personality. Beyond basic color change, Trello boards look the same for everyone.

Custom Domain

Setup Rapidr to run on your domain effortlessly. We provide and manage SSL for you too. Unfortunately, Trello doesn't offer a portal or custom domain.

Confidential comments

Discuss feedback with your teammates using confidential comments in Rapidr without losing context. Trello only does the plain old comments.

Vote on behalf

Empower your customer-facing teams to vote on behalf of a customer to capture their interest. You can't track votes on somebody's behalf in Trello.

Integrates with the tools you already use

Our turnkey integrations allow you to connect with your favorite apps in a few clicks.

Switching to Rapidr from Trello?

Are you fed up with a tool that bounds your action every step of the way? Many of our customers made the switch from Trello to Rapidr. We got you. Just contact us, and we'll migrate your data and make the switch to Rapidr even more pleasant!

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