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Capture customer feedback, prioritize ideas, align everyone with Product Roadmaps, and notify all stakeholders with Changelog. Manage complete customer feedback lifecycle in one place.

Rapidr's features

Your product’s new idea breeding ground

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Hosted Portal

Bring your product ideation, roadmap & releases together. Close the feedback loop in one place.

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Rapidr comes with a zero config built-in authentication system. We identify users leaving feedback for you.

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Keep your design consistent by choosing your brand color, header image, and a brand logo.

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Custom Domain

Setup Rapidr to run on your domain effortlessly. We provision and manage SSL for you too.

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Single Sign On (SSO)

Seamlessly authenticate & identify your customers and know precisely who contributes to your feedback board.


Collect and analyze feedback effortlessly

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Collect feedback

Create unlimited boards to collect ideas, feature requests, integration requests, bug reports, documentation requests, or just about anything.

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Users can vote on feedback. Know the impact and demand of every idea. Objectively prioritize your roadmap.

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Vote on Behalf

Enable your customer-facing team to track feedback on your customers' behalf without fiddling with other tools.

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Custom Statuses

Create different statuses when tracking different types of feedback for each board.

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Private Boards

Empower your teammates or selected users to contribute internal feedback privately without the back and forth.

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Access Controls

Decide who gets to perform specific actions on the feedback board.

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Embed as WidgetComing Soon

Capture feedback by embedding a feedback board in your app.

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TagsComing Soon

Filter, organize, and resurface feedback in a jiff.


Have a conversation without the back-and-forth

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Discuss ideas with your users without losing the context.

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Confidential Comments

Talk privately with your teammates in the same thread.

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Loop in your users or your teammates by directing a message at them. We notify them by email for you.

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Invite Teammates

Collaborate better by bringing your entire team on Rapidr.

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Style your text like rich text with Markdown syntax.

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Admin Badge

Admin Badge helps users identify admins in a comment thread.

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Email Notifications

Users get notified of new comments, replies, or mentions.


Align everyone around the product roadmap

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Now-Next-Later Roadmap

Instil trust amongst your customers by showing what's being worked on and what's coming next.

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Consolidated View

See all your Boards together in a single consolidated roadmap view.

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Embed as WidgetComing Soon

Embed the product roadmap as a widget inside your app.

Coming Soon

Announce product releases to all stakeholders

Embed as Widget
Schedule Updates
Deep Link to Feedback
Digest Emails

Your success is our responsibility

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Help Center

Search through our extensive guides on how to use a feature by following step-by-step guides, articles and video tutorials.

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Priority Support

Ask a question and get it answered within 6 to 24 business hours.

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