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Capture feedback in one organized place to inform your product decisions.

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#1. Capture every product idea, request, and feedback from teammates and customers in one place
#2. Analyze feedback to see what's most impactful to inform product decisions
#3. Share progress with public roadmap backed by customer feedback
#4. Keep customers engaged as their feedback moves through the product development process


Capture product, user, and customer feedback

Collect feedback from customers and teammates

Stop letting critical feedback slip through the cracks. Collect, analyze, and organize feedback in a dedicated purpose-built tool.

Identify top ideas and understand their use-cases

Don’t waste time building the wrong features. See which features are most requested, talk with your customers, and clarify use cases up front.

Identify top ideas and understand their use-cases
Notify user and close the feedback loop with Rapidr

Keep customers engaged

Automatically keep everyone in the loop when you release or make progress on a feature. Close the feedback loop, effortlessly.

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Rapidr is like how I think user feedback should work. It's sooo good.

AJ Keller
AJ Keller
Co-founder, Neurosity

Rapidr is everything we need to prioritize our product roadmap based on feedback from users. Cherry on top is the ability to see what's in development and what's shipped.

Daniel Wolken
Co-founder, DailyRemote

Integrates with the tools you already use

Our turnkey integrations allow you to connect with your favorite apps in a few clicks.

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