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Capture, manage and prioritize customer feedback in one centralized place

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A better way to manage feedback

Say goodbye to one-off spreadsheets, messy Trello boards, chaotic Slack channels, or god-forbid emails.

Rapidr helps you capture & manage feedback in an organized way.

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Capture customer feedback with Rapidr


Collect feedback from customers and internal stakeholders

Effortlessly collect and learn useful insights from your customers. Empower your customer-facing teams to add feedback or vote on existing ideas on behalf of customers.

Don’t let critical feedback fall through the cracks.


Remove the guesswork out of feedback prioritization

Gathering feedback isn’t enough. Rapidr helps you identify the most requested features and organize them in Boards for quick discoverability. See what matters to your customers.

Make right product decisions, every time.

Prioritize user feedback with Rapidr
Notify user and close the feedback loop with Rapidr


Turn your customers into superfans by closing the feedback loop

When you make progress on any feedback, Rapidr notifies your customers with a custom-branded email on your behalf.

So you can focus on product development & executing your vision and not following up on email threads.


Align everyone around a customer-driven roadmap

Promote feedback into your Roadmap and share it with all stakeholders. Improve customer retention and loyalty by transparently communicating what's in development with Rapidr's intuitive Roadmap.

Plan Product Roadmap with Rapidr

We wanted a feedback management tool that was geared towards simplicity and was customizable. Rapidr is a perfect fit for us. Our users really appreciate that we’re listening. Rapidr has become our single source of truth for all things feedback.

Daniel Wolken
Co-founder, DailyRemote

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