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Rapidr's intuitive idea and invovation management solution helps product managers to quickly and efficiently capture, evaluate, prioritize, and nurture the most promising ideas.

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Don't let the ideas slip through the cracks

Idea management is the process of collecting ideas, then analyzing, prioritizing and implementing those ideas to make innovation happen. Rapidr's powerful idea management software helps product managers to capture and prioritize ideas, discuss and vote on them, show them in the roadmap, notify users and close the feedback loop. Select the best ideas and focus your attention on those that matter most. With Rapidr, you get that flexibility, reliability, and easy-to-use solution at a competitive price.

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Capture feedback with Rapidr

Track ideas from your customers and teammates at one centralized place

Streamline your idea management process by managing valuable insights and product ideas directly in a custom-branded ideas portal. Don't miss out on great ideas!

  • Capture customer insights and collaborate on the most impactful ideas. Create idea boards for various teams such as product, customer success, marketing, etc.
  • Quickly and efficiently organize, evaluate and advance the most promising ideas by discussing and voting on them. Make better decisions consistently.

Discover the most impactful features that moves the needle in minutes

Votes and discussions in Rapidr boards will assist you in identifying highly suggested ideas and prioritizing them. Categorize product ideas in boards for quick discoverability to ensure it reaches the relevant product person.

  • Evaluate, sort, and filter ideas based on how well they map to market and customers' needs, as well as your company's strengths.
  • Search for specific ideas by title, description, or status. Vote on behalf of users' feedback collected.
Prioritize feedback with Rapidr
Notify users with Rapidr

Complete the feedback loop by notifying all stakeholders every step of the way

Crowdsource the best ideas from your customers and teammates in Rapidr's ideation software. Create a channel for direct communication with customers. Automatically update everyone when the status of an idea changes.

  • Use custom statuses on various boards to match your product's language. Refine, enrich and curate ideas at scale.
  • Empowers your users to share ideas, build community, and grow engagement.

Transparent product development with public roadmaps

Update everyone on your product decisions and prioritized features via product roadmap. Present ideas that are considered and will be implemented with the Now-Next-Later roadmap. Communicate your product strategy visually in Rapidr's idea tracking solution.

  • Display your short-term and long-term goals for the product. Get everyone on the same page and share ideas effortlessly.
  • Achieve customer loyalty and support by presenting the product vision, strategy, and goal with an easy-to-use product roadmap.
Plan product roadmap with Rapidr

See what our customers are saying...

Rapidr lets us democratize the prioritization process of feature requests in a transparent and easy-to-understand manner. Huge win! Every week, product owners get together and sort the list by number of votes, and deals with the top requests. Rapidr kind of prioritizes our inbox, and lets us communicate our decisions transparently.

Helge Valvik
Helge Valvik
Product Owner, Amedia

Best part of using Rapidr is that it involves our customers so they read/vote on ideas and comment which really brings a ton of value towards knowing what needs to be built next.

Andrew Fiebert
CEO, Lasso

Rapidr is like how I think user feedback should work. It's sooo good.

AJ Keller
AJ Keller
Co-founder, Neurosity

Rapidr is everything we need to prioritize our product roadmap based on feedback from users. Cherry on top is the ability to see what's in development and what's shipped.

Daniel Wolken
Co-founder, DailyRemote

Have questions? We've got answers.

What is an Idea Management Process?

Idea management is a systematic process of generating, capturing, discussing, improving, organizing, evaluating, and prioritizing valuable user insights for product development and marketing.

Why should you use a Idea Management Software?

Product managers need a systematic approach to managing ideas. Idea management software can help you make sure that your ideas are valuable by tracking the impact of each idea and its related features. This enables you to understand what your customers really want and make informed decisions about the product you deliver.

How do you manage Ideas in Rapidr?

A product manager needs to organize and evaluate ideas to determine which ones to promote to your roadmap. The basic steps include capturing ideas, reviewing and prioritizing them, tracking and boosting the roadmap to keep your customer informed, closing the feedback loop in Rapidr. This way, you can concentrate on the most impactful ideas while ensuring that all stakeholders know how ideas are progressing.

Idea Management vs Innovation Management?

Ideas are the foundation of innovation. Idea management allows product managers to collect ideas, structure them, and select the best ones. On the other hand, innovation management streamlines newer business models, products, technologies, and services.

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