Manifesto: Why We're Building Rapidr

Are you tired of building the wrong features? We're too. That's why we're trying to make product development more customer-centric with Rapidr.

Customer feedback is a vital part of building a great product. It provides insight into what your customers value. If applied correctly, it can keep your roadmap lean and impactful. While our products have evolved, the way we handle feedback hasn’t.

Usually, managing feedback is a broken process. And, since there are no best practices on how to capture feedback or what to do with them, each team tries to reinvent the wheel, with varying degrees of success.

All the while, new feedback comes in, existing feedback piles on as backlog. Which makes managing feedback feel like a chore rather than joy. You scramble to find what to work on next and end up building the wrong things.

And yet, when you incorporate the right feedback into your product, it not only improves it but also shows your customers you appreciate them and their input.

So good news, right feedback can work wonders for your product and business — only problem — how to uncover it.

Look, the existing tools are great for the purpose they’re built for, but a big letdown for managing feedback.

Simply put, they are jack of all trades and the master of none.

Spreadsheets get lost. Trello turns into a mess. Slack channels get chaotic. And god forbid keeping track of emails. With the existing tools, critical feedback gets lost or stashed away and forgotten.

That’s not good. Some might be fine with the off-the-shelf software, but we’re not.

It’s clear we need a better tool. With Rapidr, we’re building a ludicrously better tool to help you stay on top of feedback.

Rapidr helps you understand what your customers value, and in turn, helps you make savvy product decisions.

Answer questions like “Feature requests from our enterprise customers?”, “What’s our most requested feature?”, and “What’s currently in the product pipeline?” in a few moments.

You no longer need to refer to emails, or sync with teammates, or find a spreadsheet you made a few years ago, or open seven different apps to get all your answers. Rapidr helps you organize everything in one place.

We’re taking the guesswork out of building remarkable products.

See you on the other side.

–   Khushbu & Rajat

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