Backlog Grooming

What is Backlog Grooming?

Backlog grooming, also known as backlog refinement, is where backlog items are discussed, reviewed, and prioritized by product managers, product owners, and other team members. The primary goal is to keep the backlog up-to-date and guarantee those backlog items are prepared for sprints.

Backlog grooming is also known as backlog management, backlog refinement, storytime or pre-planning, and scrum and agile product management. It also helps product managers align the company with a strategy keeping backlog items in mind.

What is a DEEP product backlog?

DEEP is an acronym used to indicate a few features of a product backlog.

  • Detailed Appropriately: stories and other items in the backlog contain enough contextual information to be understood and discussed by the cross-functional team.
  • Emergent: it is easy to add new stories and items as further information arises.
  • Estimated: The effort involved with each user story is roughly estimated with a standardized measure.
  • Prioritized: Items on the backlog are ranked based on their value and the strategic purpose(s) they serve.

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