ICE Scoring Model

What is ICE Scoring Model?

ICE scoring is a popular technique for prioritizing features in product development. It is also known as the “ICE” method. The acronym stands for Importance, Confidence, and Ease of Implementation.

  • The first step involves assigning a number to each feature on the basis of how important it is to the success of the product and its ability to meet customer needs.

  • The second step assigns numbers based on how confident one can be that this feature will be successfully implemented without any foreseeable difficulties or obstacles.

  • Lastly, a third number is assigned according to how easy it would be to implement this feature with no unforeseen problems or complications arising from implementation.

How is ICE Score calculated?

ICE scoring is an acronym for Importance, Confidence and Ease of Implementation. The idea behind ICE is that you can use these three metrics to measure the relative importance of a feature, its difficulty in implementation, and its confidence level in being accurate. Assign values to the key metrics for each feature - Impact, Confidence and Ease.

ICE score = Impact Confidence Ease.

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