KANO Model

What is the KANO Model?

The KANO model is a prioritization framework that helps organizations make decisions and prioritize features on a roadmap based on the degree to which they are likely to satisfy customers.

The KANO model was developed in the 1980s by Professor Noriaki Kano when Japanese auto manufacturers were becoming more competitive in the global marketplace.

The KANO model is a framework for prioritizing features and products to determine what should be done first, second, etc. It is designed to help focus on the most important items or tasks. It is a customer-driven approach to feature prioritization. It is based on the idea that features are not equally important to customers.

The Kano Model helps organizations understand which features will have the greatest impact on their customers and prioritize accordingly.

How does the Kano Model work?

The KANO model can be used by any organization to help them prioritize their tasks. It helps to decide what tasks should be done now or in the future. You can classify your product’s new features based on the following five categories and emotional responses:

  • Basic Features - The basic features are the foundation of your product, and they’re what the customer typically expects from it. Not having the foundation in place is dissatisfying. If you’re missing the key pieces in your product, schedule them as soon as possible.
  • Attractive Features - These features trigger feelings of satisfaction and delight, but users are not dissatisfied if the feature is not included. These features fall more in what they don’t know they need yet bucket.
  • Performance Features - These features result in delight if they’re present and dissatisfaction when they’re not.
  • Indifferent features - There are those features that makes neither an explicitly positive or negative impact on users.
  • Reverse features - There are a few features that can make your product super complex, dissatisfy users and overall undesirable. Avoid these at all costs.

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