Opportunity Scoring Model

What is Opportunity Scoring?

Opportunity scoring is one of many strategies for prioritizing features on a product roadmap.Opportunity scoring is a great way of identifying solutions to ongoing problems, and it may be easy to use for most people. It is also know as ‘opportunity analysis.’

Opportunity scoring is a way to prioritize feature development by identifying the features that customers consider important. It considers the value of the feature, its ease of implementation, and its impact on customer experience.Here, you’re going to use a ‘Satisfaction’ and ‘Importance’ graph to measure your opportunities for a particular feature.

In essence, you can come up with a list of ideal outcomes for your product’s features and then ask for users' feedback. Once you’re done, you’re going to end up with a list of the features that matter the most to your users but have low satisfaction scores.

How is Opportunity Score calculated?

Opportunity scores are calculated by using the following formulas:

Importance + Max (Importance - Satisfaction, 0) = Opportunity followed by, Importance + (Importance - Satisfaction) = Opportunity.

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