Product Backlog

What is Product Backlog in Agile?

The product backlog is a breakdown of work to be done and contains an ordered list of product requirements that the team maintains for a product. Common formats for backlog items include user stories and use cases.

These requirements define features, bug fixes, non-functional requirements, etc. — whatever delivers a viable product. The product owner prioritizes product backlog items (PBIs) based on considerations such as risk, business value, dependencies, size, and date needed.

The product backlog is "what is needed, ordered by when it is needed" and is visible to everyone but may only be changed with the consent of the product owner, who is responsible for managing and maintaining the product backlog items.

The product backlog:

  • Captures requests to modify a product—including new features, replacing old features, removing features, and fixing issues.
  • Ensures the developers have work that maximizes the business benefit of the product.

Typically, the whole team works together to refine the product backlog, which evolves as new information surfaces about the product and its customers. So later sprints may address new work.

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