Customer Feedback

What is Customer Feedback?

Customer feedback is the feedback provided by customers and users about their positive and negative experiences with a product or service. It intends to exhibit their satisfaction and help product, customer success, and marketing teams understand where to improve. Rapidr offers a platform to companies to let their users passively add feedback along with comments, complaints, or compliments.

Feedback is a powerful guide that can give your team insights that outline a track forward for the company — from product through UI, UX, marketing, and customer support. It is very significant when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Why is Customer Feedback important?

Without customer feedback, a company will never know if customers are getting value out of their product. Without knowing if they're getting a deal, the product and go-to-market teams won't know if they're nurturing loyal customers (not to mention be able to measure customer retention and customer health).

Customer feedback is essential because it serves as a guiding light for the growth of your company. It helps understand what is right and wrong as a business in your customers' eyes, which makes it easier to adjust and adapt the customer experience over time. In short, customer feedback is the way to keep your community at the heart of everything you do. Feedback helps companies in retaining loyal customers.

How to improve Customer Feedback Strategy?

Follow these steps to create and improve your customer feedback strategy:

  • Correct Time: Asking for feedback on emails or surveys will lead the user out of the product. Instead, provide them a link in the app while using the product, which yields more accurate feedback and typically has higher response rates.
  • The more accessible, the better: Collecting feedback should be done on the customer's terms, not the company's. If a customer has to dig around in the product to find a "contact us" form, it's not exactly easy for them to provide the feedback the product and marketing teams desire. An occasional survey is also not enough. Effective programs make the feedback mechanism as simple as possible, available to any customer, any time.
  • Make it clever: Customers should be able to rank their feedback priority by voting, avoid adding duplicate feedbacks and feature requests and understand the progress on existing ideas. This would help the product, marketing, and customer success teams better prioritize their actions. The product team should also be able to search and segment feedback data to understand it better.
  • Close the feedback loop: Too often, companies collect feedback, but it ends up in a black hole, never synthesized or acted upon. Rapidr ensures a process in place after feedback collection to organize, prioritize, and manage feedback to close the feedback loop.

Build better products with user feedback

Rapidr helps SaaS companies understand what customers need through feedback, prioritize what to build next, inform the roadmap, and notify customers on product releases

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