Top 7 UserPilot Alternatives & Competitors For User Feedback

Top 7 UserPilot Alternatives & Competitors For User Feedback

UserPilot is a product experience software that helps teams improve user activation, boost feature engagement, and increase user adoption through behavior-driven product experiences. Many companies use it to increase user retention and stimulate feature discovery as a product evolves.

It might not be the best choice for most companies. With a web-only interface and lack of customizations, UserPilot is a pricey tool many businesses shy away from.

If you are looking for a cost-effective and user-friendly UserPilot alternative, look no further because we've compiled a list of tools comparable to, if not better, UserPilot. We recommend these seven excellent customer feedback tools and their pros and cons.

Top 7 UserPilot Alternatives & Competitors

  1. Rapidr
  2. Appcues
  3. Intercom
  4. Whatfix
  5. Pendo
  6. WalkMe
  7. UserGuiding

But first, let's look at UserPilot's features and capabilities, so we have a common yardstick to compare.

What is Userpilot?

Userpilot is a digital adoption tool that helps you create in-product experiences for your customers. It helps build personalized and customizable experiences on top of your product and improve onboarding for new signups, trigger interactive tips when relevant, and help users understand the value.

What is Userpilot Used For?

Digital adoption tool used for user feedback collection and analytics.

How much does Userpilot cost?

It has a multi-tiered pricing model. Starting at $3,000 annually for up to 2,500 users.

Features of Userpilot

  • Userpilot helps Product & UX teams increase user adoption through powerful in-app experiences and actionable product analytics.
  • It allows products to build user onboarding flows, launch product announcements, improve your UX & product adoption, provide self-serve support, and collect different types of customer feedback in-app  - all code-free.
  • It also provides product analytics tools to make informed, data-driven product decisions but is not mobile-friendly.
  • Userpilot’s content customization and branding tools are lacking. It also lacks features to support customer and employee adoption.
  • Being expensive, it is not suitable for startups and small businesses.

Top 7 UserPilot Alternatives & Competitors
1. Rapidr

Rapidr Feedback Portal

Rapidr helps product teams understand what customers need by tracking feature requests and ideas, analyzing & prioritizing what to build next, creating a roadmap backed by customer insights, and communicating new features with release notes.

Understanding customers begins by collecting their feedback in a centralized app. Rapidr helps you capture product ideas, requests, and feedback from colleagues and customers with their customer feedback portal and in-app widget.

Next, for analyzing and prioritizing the roadmap based on customer insights, Rapidr helps you slice and dice feedback by customer attributes and sorting by votes.

Lastly, inform your roadmap with the most critical feedback, and let your customers know what's new with release notes.

Pricing: Starts at $49/month.

Features of Rapidr

  • Rapidr is an end-to-end feedback solution, so you don't have to glue multiple apps together to close the feedback loop. By choosing Rapidr, you get feedback collection, roadmap software, and release notes software – all in one place.
  • Rapidr is one of the most reasonable and cost-effective solutions that offer excellent value for money stacked against the other enterprise options on this list. Rapidr's pricing is based on the weight you derive from the software instead of per-seat pricing.
  • Rapidr's hosted feedback portal and widgets are lightweight, easy to use, and customizable, fitting perfectly with your existing workflows and brand design.
  • Rapidr's customer portal gives your users a persistent place to come and leave their ideas and requests. You can create multiple feature voting boards for every use-case or product vertical.
  • Rapidr can be fully white-labeled on high-end plans. White-labeling removes the "Powered by Rapidr" link from your feedback portal and emails, which means no visible branding from Rapidr.
  • Rapidr is relatively new in the market. But with features rivaling Hotjar at a reasonable pricing plan and in the hands of trusted people, it's an excellent option for anyone looking for a lean, simple, clean product feedback alternative. They track feedback on their public feedback board.

Reviewers say that compared to Userpilot, Rapidr is:

The good parts:

  • End-to-end feedback-focused solution
  • Cost-effective pricing. Plans start from $49/mo.
  • Modern and lightweight interface.
  • Easy to use.
  • Brilliant Customer Support.
  • Quick to set up and run.

The bad parts:

  • SOC2 is not available.
Rapidr has changed the way we collect and manage feedback from our users. It helped us to create a single point of entry for all feedback requests across our product and avoid using huge spreadsheets and slack channels. It also helps keep our users and teammates in the loop as we make decisions for the product. - Daniel Wolken

2. Appcues

Appcues provides a no-code platform helping teams to track and analyze product usage and publish in-app tours, announcements, and surveys. It also helps measure and improve product adoption—without a developer.

Pricing: Starting at $249/month when billed annually for up to 2500 MAU.

Features of Appcues:

  • Appcues makes it easier for companies to guide users to value quickly and effectively by enabling custom onboarding flows, in-app tutorials, tooltips, and announcements without coding.
  • It allows product teams to build and iterate on user experiences based on user behavior and feedback, while robust analytics provide insights into engagement and performance.
  • Appcues supports targeted messaging and user segmentation capabilities, improving product adoption rates and reducing churn by helping users understand and adopt key features effortlessly.
  • But they doesn't support feature voting for teams/customers, product roadmap and changelog to close the feedback loop for managing customer feedback.

3. Intercom

Intercom is a customer communications platform with bots, apps, product tours, and more—like email, messages, and a help center. Intercom connects businesses directly to customers using powerful messaging and automation. The user interface is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy to manage customer inquiries and support requests.  You can use Intercom like Rapidr to collect feedback and ideas from customers.

Pricing: Starts at $74/month for subscription (2 seats)

Features of Intercom:

  • It integrates various tools for live chat, customer support, and onboarding, all designed to facilitate seamless interactions between companies and users.
  • Intercom helps manage customer conversations in one place, automate support with chatbots, and deliver targeted content and campaigns to improve user engagement.
  • Intercom supports user segmentation and behavior tracking, allowing for more tailored communication, while its rich insights and analytics help businesses understand customer needs, optimize their service. and be customer-centric.

4. Whatfix

Whatfix removes the barriers between your users and true productivity across all software. It provides in-app guidance, on-demand support, and analytics to analyze your software experiences and create data-driven plans to empower your end users and analyze and manage customer feedback.

Pricing: Contact for a custom quote.

Features of Whatfix:

  • It enables the creation of engaging and customized walkthroughs, tooltips, and pop-ups that instruct users in real time, facilitating a more intuitive and efficient learning experience.
  • Whatfix also provides in-app guidance, task automation, self-help menus, and analytics, which empower users to become proficient with complex software quickly.
  • It helps identify user pain points and optimize their training content, thus improving productivity and reducing the burden on support teams.
  • It is a costly tool with limited feedback management features and doesn't support public product roadmaps.

5. Pendo

Pendo is an easy-to-use product analytics tool that provides insights into customer behaviors. Pendo Feedback helps collect customer requests directly in your application without interrupting the product experience. Internal teams can also create requests on behalf of customers and submit their internal product feedback. It’s a comprehensive solution for user onboarding, analytics, and in-app user feedback.

Pricing: Get a quote. Users suggest that their lower-tier prices start at around $12,000~ a year.

Features of Pendo:

  • Pendo is a product analytics tool that tracks users' activity to understand how users use the product and helps product managers make important product decisions, track feature adoption, and monitor user behavior.
  • Pendo makes it easy to track product KPIs, track usage across the platform, and assign users to different groups to track segment usage over time.
  • Pendo feedback helps create a direct line between users and the product team to simplify feedback aggregation with feedback widgets on your website.
  • Pendo is expensive compared to it's alternatives.

6. WalkMe

WalkMe is a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) to transform the user experience using artificial intelligence, analytics, engagement, guidance, and automation. It helps users complete tasks easily within any enterprise software, mobile application, or website.

Pricing: Contact for a custom quote.

Features of WalkMe:

  • WalkMe enhances the user experience across their software applications by providing on-screen, step-by-step guidance tailored to each user's needs and actions.
  • It helps accelerate the training of new users, promote software proficiency, and drive digital transformation by simplifying complex processes through a series of interactive prompts and walkthroughs.
  • WalkMe's no-code editor allows for easy creation and analytics offer deep insights into user behavior and software utilization, enabling companies to continuously refine their user engagement strategies.
  • WalkMe is a digital adoption platform software first, not developed for feedback management, and lacks product feedback boards, changelogs, and custom statuses.
  • It is expensive compared to other customer feedback management tools

7. UserGuiding

UserGuiding is a no-code user onboarding tool that helps create quick, hassle-free, interactive guides for users to discover a product. It is a user-friendly digital adoption and onboarding platform that enables businesses to create interactive guides, walkthroughs, and tooltips without coding knowledge.

Pricing: $89/month for up to 2500 MAU annually.

Features of UserGuiding:

  • This tool is designed to improve user experience by providing in-app guidance, which helps new users navigate through digital products, understand features, and complete tasks efficiently.
  • UserGuiding simplifies the process of creating step-by-step tutorials, promoting user engagement, and reducing support costs.
  • By offering analytics to track and guide performance and user behavior, it also provides valuable insights that help optimize the onboarding process and increase software adoption rates.

Verdict: Rapidr is the Best UserPilot Alternative

For growing product teams, you must decide on a tool to make your customer feedback management process a piece of the cake. Everything should go hand-in-hand, from collecting, analyzing, prioritizing, and releasing updates.

Each solution presented here is unique and has a different feature set, which caters to varying use cases you can't go wrong with as an cost-effective alternative to UserPilot.

We recommend Rapidr as the best UserPilot alternative, which comes with a modern design and a tight nit feature set that stacks fairly well against UserPilot, offers a clean user experience, and has cost-effective pricing plans. Sign up for free and set up a complete customer feedback system to inform and enhance your customer experience.

Top 7 UserPilot Alternatives & Competitors For User Feedback
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