Best Feature Voting Tools in 2022 (Use Cases Included)

Best Feature Voting Tools in 2022 (Use Cases Included)

Every product team needs to know which features are critical for their customers. It’s not simple: you cater to various customers across various industries and varying personas at the same time. You need tried and tested tools to help you choose which features to work on. That's where feature voting comes in.

Feature voting is one of the best ways to take the guesswork out of your roadmap and feature prioritization.

What is Feature Voting?

Feature voting is when customers vote for ideas or features they need on your product roadmap or on an idea board. Feature voting is also referred to as product or roadmap voting. The idea behind this approach is that it’s easier and more scalable to crowdsource user opinions, ideas, and suggestions than other ways of communication.

The way it’s done is through a customer portal where your customers can post their ideas, requests, and features, or they can vote on existing ones.

The result: you’ve got yourself a nice looking public roadmap, that sorts itself by the popularity amongst your customers.

Feature Voting in Rapidr's Customer Portal. Sorted by votes.

Why should you use feature voting?

There are many reasons why you should be using feature voting to prioritize your product roadmap. Here are some of the best reasons in no particular order:

Feature voting takes the guesswork out of roadmap prioritization with objective data straight from your customers

The best source for what you should be building in your product comes straight from the people using it day-in and day out: that’s your customers.

When your customers vote on ideas already on your roadmap on a roadmap prioritization tool like Rapidr, it gives you confidence that you’re solving the right problems for your customers. The number of votes attached to each feature idea validates the need for the feature and intrinsically its priority.

And, when your customers vote on a feature idea from one of your boards, it helps surface things you didn’t know your customers needed or had a use case for. It’s like finding diamonds in the rough.

Prioritization can be as simple as sorting the ideas by “Most voted” and you have a list of the top requested feature ideas in an idea voting board. Or, you can go a few levels deeper and combine votes with various other data points like effort to develop this feature, how many customers would this feature cater to, how much confidence you have if you’re building the right things, etc. There are many product roadmap prioritization frameworks like the RICE framework, MoSCoW method, Kano Model, etc.

Feature voting helps you understand your customers' needs

Customers' have varying needs and a feature voting forum is a perfect place to find ideas that’ll cater to the widest customer base.

Your customers will upvote the feature ideas that they find most critical for their workflows. It can also help you surface them easily by slicing and dicing by their revenue impact or other metrics that you care about.

It also helps you better understand the different segments of your customer groups by observing the type of feedback or idea they leave on your board. This will help you make broad segment decisions and pass valuable feedback to the customer-facing teams.

Feature voting helps in closing the feedback loop

One of the greatest joys of product development is writing a thank-you email when you finally release a feature to the customer who suggested the feature idea. This is called closing the feedback loop. You take their feedback from ideation, to development, to the hands of your customers.

Feature voting tools can help you do this at scale. When you ship an idea we not only automatically send an email to the author of that idea but also to all the people who showed interest by either voting or leaving a comment without any manual intervention.

Feature voting helps bridge the divide between customers and your team

Lastly, the main idea behind feature voting is to let customers have a persistent place to share their ideas and feature requests with the team. This allows a common ground for your teammates to not just collaborate with the customers but also collate with them. After all, product building is a team game.  

Best Feature Voting Tools in 2022

Rapidr: Never Build A Wrong Feature Again

Rapidr helps you track features, ideas, and other suggestions on the customer feedback portal. It helps you manage the entire feedback lifecycle, from capturing feature requests to prioritizing features, informing the product roadmap, and sharing product updates with the release notes. Feature voting is enabled by default on your customer feedback portal as well as the feedback widget.

Rapidr also allows you to capture and track all user feedback and organize and analyze it in a centralized location in one single place. Then, inform your roadmap with the most critical feedback, notify users of what's new with release notes and close the loop feature.


Rapidr's pricing starts at $19/month which includes unlimited admins and all the basic features to get you started in the entry-level plan.

Use Cases

Idea voting tool, feature voting software, feature request tracking system, product feedback tool.

Productboard: Customer-Centric Product Management Platform

Productboard is a project management tool that helps product managers understand what customers need, prioritize what to build next, and rally everyone around the roadmap. It consolidates feature requests from customers into a prioritized roadmap that's based on upvotes on features.

Productboard Pricing

Productboard's pricing starts from $25/month/maker. So with a team of 5, you’re already at $125/month.

UserVoice: Product feedback management software for growing SaaS Companies

UserVoice caters to enterprise companies that want to gather customer feedback and process support requests. UserVoice allows companies to create feature request voting boards for customers to share their idea and votes. It provides an advanced version of feedback software for organizing and managing customer feedback and is highly suitable for large organizations, especially when it comes to reporting.

Uservoice Pricing

You’ll have to talk to sales to get a quote; the inquiry says the quote starts at $500/month.

Trello: Reach new productivity peaks

Trello is a collaboration and project management tool that provides a kanban style roadmap to arrange and manage project tasks. Your team could also create a public board where customers can log in, submit their features as comments on existing cards, and vote for their favorite features.

It is a simple task management tool that provides a drag-and-drop feature to tasks and projects with the help of boards, lists, and cards, which many teams use as a feature voting tool. It is free, but it has some significant limitations, and it takes time to structure and set it up.

Trello Pricing

Trello is free to start with, but once you start using advanced features or power-ups, the per-seat pricing won’t scale with your team, and it quickly becomes costly.

Spreadsheets – Google Sheets, Excel, Airtable

Google spreadsheets or Microsoft Excel as used by many small businesses to collect and manage feature requests for free. But it is not built for feature voting or feedback management and thus has limited features and takes ages to come up with the proper structure to collect feedback in excel or spreadsheets.


It is free to use; you can choose anyone from Microsoft Excel or Google spreadsheets.

Convas: Better Products

Convas is a tool to manage customer feedback. Convas helps companies identify which features are the most important to their customers and which customers care about which features. Feature voting helps communicate directly with your customers for better product decisions. It is easy to set up but has limited features with the feedback widget missing.

Convas Pricing

It’s pretty expensive when comparing what features you get: and a fixed one plan of $49 a month.

Productific: Know what to build next

Productific is a product roadmap, voting, and user feedback tool that helps product owners decide what to build next and further enhance their product. It is an easy-to-use feature voting software that allows you to gather feedback directly from users and choose the top requested features. It comes with a roadmap to share progress, a changelog to share updates and launches, and is connected to google analytics for usage.

Productific Pricing

Productific is popular among indie makers and bootstrappers as it is free for starters, but you also miss a lot of essential features required to manage and track feature requests.

The Idea Wall: Smarter customer feedback management software

It is an old-fashioned but worth mentioning feature voting tool. It is forum-based software designed to capture, manage, and prioritize customer feedback utilizing community discussions and voting. Users submit ideas and vote on their platform to bring the best ideas to the top.

The Idea Wall Pricing

It’s an expensive tool. Plans start at $35 a month, but to get the most out of it, you’re most likely going to need the $80 a month plan.

Tricider: Collect ideas and vote

Tricider is a social voting tool to collect feedback in the form of questions and answers in one go. You can publicly create a board based on your question or topic and gather feedback only one time. But it can't be integrated with your product and lacks feature request management, product roadmap, changelog, and proper notification service.

It's not for you if you're looking for a way to manage your backlog and features right in your product to connect and engage with users.

Tricider Pricing

It’s free but misses a lot of features! You can’t really implement it in your product, and your users will have to do extra work to give and vote on feedback and feature requests.

Prodpad: Better product management

ProdPad is a product feedback and road-mapping tool where product teams can share feedback about the product and upvote on features with a feature voting board. It helps create a neatly structured roadmap for multiple products with The timeline view that showcases the updated announcements of a particular product.

Prodpad Pricing

It's costly; the average price ranges from $499 for just 50 admins. Pricing starts from $149 to $1299.

Canny: Build better products

Canny is a user feedback management solution that helps companies collect, prioritize, and track customer feedback. Identify which customers want which features to help your team make robust product decisions.

Canny Pricing

Canny is priced at $400/month. The base plan only provides some basic features growing beyond you'd have to shell out more; the expensive pricing plans make it costly for small and medium businesses.

Verdict: Rapidr is the Best Feature Voting Tool in 2022.

Rapidr is one of the most affordable and feature-rich tools on the list and is our recommended choice for feature voting. Other notable features include: collecting feedback via widgets, slicing and dicing feedback, embedding a roadmap into your product, and closing the feedback loop.  

You can visit Rapidr's website here and see their pricing plans.

Best Feature Voting Tools in 2022 (Use Cases Included)
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